Open new page when User Click on any item from ion-item


Here is the codePen.

  1. I want to open new details page, when user click on item and want to show details of that clicked item in newly opened back.
  2. On details page there would be “OK” button if user click on that button then it would be back to list page.

How Can I do this? I spent 2 hours but I have not found any working solution.

Please help me. I am new in ionic and angular js.


You should define states: one for list and one for details, OK button would just call $state.go('list')

Please read angular-ui router docs.


I have tried this approach, It was not working. I was not able to put two html data in one file in codePen,

Can you please show me any example.


Take a look at one of my tutorials:

I think it should perfectly cover all of your needs.


Thanks @Gajotres for your reply, I followed your tutorial and here is the codepen for my code.

I am not able to see next page with details view? Somewhere something i am doing wrong. Please guide me.