Impossible to scroll a list


Hi there !

I’m trying to implement a slide menu with a list in the left panel, exactly as in the example shown here :

Sadly, it is impossible to scroll the list. You can see the current implementation here:

Thank you for your kind help, and your amazing work !



@mika … try to add <list> tag inside a <content> tags and enable the scroll=“true”


Hi HoSsam !

I’ve put the list inside a tag… and it’s now perfectly working.

Thank you very much !


New problem : it does not work on the device itself (Nexus 5). I also tried with the Chrome emulator (with the “emulate touch screen option”): same result, it does not work.

Edit: Everything is now fine ! For an android device you have to activate the “has-bouncing” parameter in order to get the scroll animation.