Anybody else can't scroll lists in chrome browser?

Some new bug.
One of our apps we hope to use as a website too.
We have kind of a wizard using ion-slide (which does not work well in a browser/mouse).

One one screen we use a ion-select. The problem is in chrome I can not scroll at all. On android phone I can scroll just fine.

I decided to try this on another app, that has been completed for 2 months. Same problem, can’t scroll in chrome.

The only thing that would have changed with that code is chrome itself. That I can think of.
Chrome version Version 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Anybody else having this problem?

Download Firefox 60 (on a linux box) I can scroll but only using this ugly scroll bar Firefox puts there.

I realize now I can scroll but only with the mouse wheel, not using the mouse to drag. Has this always been this way?