Returned json/html to page making links open in system browser

Super new to Ionic, and am stumped on one little thing (just one thing for now anyways).

I have installed cordova.inappbrowser, and saw some posts on how to implement that into your html, but I don’t actually have access to the html that is linking on the page. I am getting a few blog post from a json api off a blog. Once the blog post contents load and I clicked on a link it opens the page in the app, I then lose my app navigation bar, the app back button and I can’t go back and the app is stuck on that page. Using the back button on the device doesn’t even work.

Using android device for testing and the back button on the android doesn’t work when it opens a new browser window from the link that I click on. Any solutions out there to apply the cordova.inappbrower on “GET” data that is returned in HTML format?