Linked In Login with Ionic App


Hello everyone,

I am new to ionic, cordova and angular. I am developing a app where user can login through the linked in. For this login I am using cordova IN-APP browser and doing the same as I did with facebook but it’s not working. I am looking forward to get any new methods, dependencies to make linked in login work?


Hello Nitin,

I would suggest you use hybridauth

Once you have installed the app - Please do complete the registration process

  1. Go to (or and create a new application.
  2. Fill out any required fields such as the application name and description.
  3. Put your website domain in the Integration URL and OAuth Redirect URL fields.
  4. Once you have registered, copy and past the created application credentials (Consumer Key and Secret) into the HybridAuth config file.


are you using this library? - - it supports LinkedIn


Yes I am using this library. Can you give me any other library?? or method. It is not working.


What’s not working with ng-cordova-oauth? Can’t fix things I don’t know about.



The thing is, I call the api but I am not getting anything in the response. And I think facebook login is easier than this.


Sounds like you’re having API problems, not ng-cordova-oauth problems. Ng-cordova-oauth will only get you an access token. How you use the access token, whether it be the wrong or right way, is up to you.



do you have any sample code to show so maybe someone can help you out?