Linkedin Login using Ionic


Hi all I have created a Ionic app with social login (linkedin also)
I am not getting how to implement LinkedIn login using oauth2, I tried using a javascript but its working in website not on app, May I know what I have to add in redirect_url for my app I tried with http://localhost:8100/ its not working
please help out


You can use ng-ui-auth (on github)
The resirect uri must be http://localhost


No It’s Not working it Shows blank page for that
Have u done LinkedIn login using Ionic 2



Sorry it is http://localhost/ for mobile and http://localhost:8100 if you ise it when you serve


the login screen will show on website(in laptop) but in mobile its showing web page not available net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
Even data is on only How to create a popup in mobile screen


I don’t lnow what you are using. But if you use the repo I proposed you everything is explained.
You need inappbrowser as well


Yes, I am using inappbrowser only
let browser = new InAppBrowser(“”, ‘_blank’);


http://localhost:8100/ works fine in laptop not in mobile device its showing web page not available net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED


Did you declare localhost in linkedin developer page ?


Yes I did but not working and http://localhos:8100/ working only in website(in laptop) not in device
Could you please send code if possible or please tell me the steps to do, I am stuckked please help me out