Has any one successfully completed Linkedin login

I am implementing a social login with Linkedin login But I am not able to complete it
I am not getting If I use JavaScript means It will only work on laptop or browser not in mobile, If I user InappBrowser means the redirect_uri http://localhost/, http://localhost:8100/ and are not returning to my app back
I need to get some basic profile info back to my app, If u know the steps or tutorial please let me know
please help me out

There are a lot of examples floating around in peoples blogs. You want to look/search for oauth login or social login etc. You do not need a linked in specific example because where you are stuck is just basic oauth and the same for all. there are also oauth libraries for angular you could use to simplify things too.

you can start here http://blog.ionic.io/oauth-ionic-ngcordova/

you have to use redirect url as http://localhost that’s it.