Latest release (also tried nightly) completely breaks simple App on iPhone 6

Tabs don’t work on an iPhone 6 physical device, and we can still drag the entire App vertically via the tab bar.

Funny, didn’t know the iPhone 6 was already out :smile:

I’m guessing you mean iOS6, what specifically doesn’t work? What build of the nightly did you try?

As for the page dragging, it’s a known issue.

Yes iOS 6. Both issues present in the 1.0.0-beta.5.

The page dragging has been around for a while, and we can’t use any subsequent Ionic updates because of it. I can’t have an App going out that can be dragged off screen via the tab bar.

In the latest 1.0.0-beta.5, tabs no longer work. Tab bar and buttons appear, I touch a tab button, the new view doesn’t load. Really basic stuff.

Ionic is obviously not tested on iOS 6 devices, I’d consider all these issues fairly serious.

Are you getting any errors in your console? Can you try the default tabs template and see if that works. I will ping one of the devs to see if they can test on an actual device. Everything is good on my 6.1 simulator.

To be perfectly honest I just don’t have the bandwidth to debug this for you guys, I just revert to the last one that works and move on.