Tab Bar Draggable Offscreen iOS 6 Device with v1.0.0-beta.4

Hello All, am I the only one with this problem? On an iOS6 device, I can drag my entire App view offscreen by touching and sliding the Tab bar up.

Has anyone else seen this and got a workaround?


Interesting, I havent seen this before. Any way you could throw a codepen together? I can run it in a simulator and see what the issue is.

It doesn’t happen in the sim, only on a real iPhone 6. The code is not doing anything special, just some tabs and views. Have you tested any tabbed Apps on a iOS 6 device?

I don’t have an ios 6 device in me personally, but I can let the devs know, they’ll have a device to test on. Thanks!

We’re aware of this and are fixing it.

Cool, thank you both for the follow up, will keep an eye out for the fix.

happy to help test as have ios 6 device

seems similar to another ios 6 problem Andy solved for me

is there and issue we can follow so we can pull down the nightly with the fix in it to test


Maybe this? :