Testing Ionic app on iPhone 6 emulator


I have created an ionic app in visual studio (windows) and am trying to test it on an iMac using the simulator for iPhone 6.

The app had a problem where the header bar wouldn’t appear and the content would scroll up to the middle of the page when i first launched the app and when I navigated to every page afterwards.

The app works perfectly fine on an iPhone 4 simulator.

I then tried to go back to basics and used the side menu template that comes with ionic for visual studio.

I then also experienced the same problem i.e. with the app the header menu bar does not appear and the page scrolls up on first display. It is possible to drag it down. This app also works on an iPhone 4 simulator.

The Ionic version is 1.2.4. What I am thinking of doing is migrating to Angular 2 / Ionic 2 to see if that will fix it.

I tried creating a basic Cordova app without ionic and that doesn’t have any problems. So ionic seems to be causing the problem. I added the ionic libraries to the basic cordova app and the problem appeared again.

But is anyone else aware of this problem or know any fixes or are using Ionic 2 and it works?

Thanks a lot