Latest app changes to users without submitting app to play store


I have an ionic-angular website( I want to build a mobile app that users can download from App/Play stores. If I make any changes to the app, users have to update from the store again. And this will take some time to show up.

With Ionic app flow, it is possible to serve mobile app users with new content. But I am looking for other possible options as well.

Can I create a blank mobile app, with an iframe tag in it and set the iframe src to my website( In that way, when I make changes to the app I will deploy it, and just reopening the app, users will be served with updated content.

Can somebody please tell me whether I can follow this way to build and share my app in ios and android playstore?

Thank you,

I don’t know what about Android, but the iOS Submit Team has very strict rules and displaying a website in the app will definitely be restricted by them