Ionic serverside


Right now if I want to update my app even for 1 word I have to send an update to the AppStore and Play Store. I want to make my html and css on a serverside or online document. Does anyone know how I can do this? I am not sure how I should do this.


Your best bet is to use the Ionic Pro service with Ionic Deploy.

I use this and works flawlessly (for a cost).

You could also try Microsoft Codepush. I have used it in the past but have found incompatibilities with it on iOS with WKWebView. If you don’t mind not using that then that’s a choice.

I’d still say Ionic Deploy as it runs outside of your javascript so you cannot possibly brick your app by loading a version with a bug in the updater. Also the user interface for managing your builds is splendid - AND soon they’ll offer out-of-the-box PWA hosting.

I don’t have any budget to spend, isn’t there an other way? its not an app for thousand of people so yeah, mostly just for seeing how I can get things to work

Looks like Codepush is your best bet.

You could possibly change <content src="index.html" /> in config.xml to point to a public web server with the Ionic app delivered.

I have NO idea how well this will work and I DON’T suggest it. This is merely an academic pursuit.