Larger FAB size


I am looking for a way to increase the size of the FAB button.
There’s a mini size attribute, but I am looking for large.


Any news on that ? I’m also looking for a solution. I try to set $fab-size but it’s not working


Nope, I stuck with the default size


I got it working!!!

if you set $fab-size or $fab-mini-size in src/theme/variables.scss
it is working perfectly.


Can you please post an example?


Go into your theme/variables.scss file and override the $fab-size variable like this:

$fab-size: 70px; //Change value to whatever size you want


Can I use fab-size:%50 ?
this screen size change depends


Yes, thx thats exactly what i was looking for!


Use class .fab



page-home {

.fab {
width: 100px !important;
height: 100px !important;



this worked for me Thanks. because i didn’t wanted to change globally for all fab icons in theme/variable.scss