Increase icon size in ionic 2

How to increase ionic icons in Ionic 2
And how to add custom icons

If the icon is inside a button you can use button properties, small or large.

<button primary large>
  <ion-icon name="home"></ion-icon>

If not (or if you need a custom size), you can use CSS, using the chrome dev tool to inspect the elemnts and check the classes.

For the second question, i don’t know exactly how becouse i never tried but maybe you can reference with this post:

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If you mean the size they actually appear on screen the icons are really just a font. Increase the font size on your icon and it will get bigger.

If you want new and different icons, you can use any svg format icon or grab another package of icons grouped as a font like @aluknot suggested. The glyphicon set that comes with bootstrap is another popular choice


Thanks a lot… :smiley:

Thanks a lot :smiley:

In My case , ion-icon is inside ion-item , it does not increase the size of ion-icon

<ion-item  *ngIf="errCode !=''" large>
           <ion-icon name="close-circle" ></ion-icon>
           <h2> {{mesg}} </h2>

Try to do like :
<ion-icon name="close-circle" style="zoom:2.0;"></ion-icon>


Hello Harinder ,

Thanks for the reply , did not clear understand the change which you did .[quote=“HarinderSingh, post:7, topic:47507”]
<ion-icon name=“close-circle” ></ion-icon>

You have highlighted this line , could not understand the difference .

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yes . zoom worked. thanks

  <ion-icon name="checkmark-circle" style="zoom:4.0;" ></ion-icon>
ion-icon {
        font-size: 30px; //Preferred size here

Thanks for that! Completely forgot it’s just a font :laughing: