RC0: Using JavaScript instead of TypeScript?

Is it possible to use JavaScript instead of TypeScript with Ionic 2 RC0?

If it is, how to create a new project (with JavaScript) with ionic start?

As far as I know TypeScript is the only option since ionic-cli@2.0.0-beta.31. But TypeScript is basically JavaScript + optional static typing, so your code can stay pretty much the same.

Does it mean that if I just rename my files from js to ts, with maybe some minor syntactic changes, it will work?

Pretty much. In theory TypeScript is a “superset” of JavaScript, so all valid JS code is also valid TypeScript.

In practice the TypeScript compiler may generate a few errors after you rename *.js files to *.ts (they’re non-fatal errors that don’t prevent the output from being emitted) but it shouldn’t be difficult to fix them.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll try.

My problem with TypeScript is not my own code. I use a couple of JavaScript libraries and there’s one of them - it’s name is crypto-pouch - I couldn’t manage to work since the update to RC0. In this topic I described my issue.

For this reason I’m not very amused of the newest ionic development. I couldn’t see how to solve my problem at the moment and continue my work of the last four month. One hope of mine was, that continue coding in JavaScript could be a possibiliy.

I don’t like TypeScript coding style. It is Microsoft style like C#.

Ada had static type checking before Microsoft even existed.