Hi Ionic Experts!

Here is my situation, I have an ionic app which has to load large quantities of data. (calendar info, and there may be 300-600 displayed on a given calendar entry)

IOS: without virtualScroll it is unusable so we must use virtualScroll on this screen.

Android: works with MOST devices without virtualScroll, but occasionally a specific device cannot scroll at all and virtualScroll fixes this.

So you say you will just tell me, “then just use virtualScroll on all your screens” right?

  • wrong, apparently virtualScroll DOES NOT work flawlessly when the phone is tipped into “landscape” mope (which is a pain because phones should be able to go into landscape mode as that is what they were designed to do)

Solution 2: use virtualScroll on select screens and block landscape mode on those screens.

now 99% of my issues are resolved with an occasional loading issue that is corrected if you reload that page

so im stuck with virtualScroll because we must support IOS but virtualScroll doesnt play well with phones in landscape mode and doesnt load data properly 100% of the time. its extremely flaky. has anyone had any experience with an issue like this?



<ion-list class="schedule-list" [virtualScroll]="items">
	<ion-item class="schedule-item" *virtualItem="let item" text-wrap>
			<ion-col class="schedule-data">
				<div class="data-item">
					<div class="item-content">

…lots more in this table…but this is how the code renders the screen