IOS landscape

Hi All,

I thought I would post this question, my issue is that I can only let Android devices operate in landscape mode and that I have to lock IOS devices from using landscape mode. 2 reasons:

  1. some of our pages are quite large and use VirtualScroll, this seems to crash when the IOS device is flipped into landscape mode.
  2. I have mostly conquered the iphonex “notch”, but when in landscape mode it still covers some text.
    hence IOS landscape is locked until I resolve these issues.

Here is our stack:

Node: 6.10.2
NPM: 3.10.10
CORDOVA: 8.0.0
IONIC: 3.13.0


Let us begin with a couple intro questions first:

  1. Has anyone had success with VirtualScroll on IOS in landscape mode?

  2. After looking at my stack, does anyone have suggestions as to build version or plugins that may be out of date?

thank you,