virtualScroll performance issues and crash

So I have an array of items, upto 2000 items which I want to display.
I was using *ngfor to loop through but the performance was shocking.

So I read that virtualScroll was the solution.

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="results">
    <button ion-item   *virtualItem="let result" (click)="goToClient(result)">
      {{result.FirstName}} {{result.LastName}}

However when loading it appears to scroll ok for the first 20 lines, then jumps around and then the hole app crashes.
Any Ideas on how to resolve this?

Did you check the logs to see why it errors out? Anyways, you should always give it a height and width to calculate it in a correct manner. Else the virtualScroll will not now when and how to properly render items.

So I added

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="results" approxItemWidth="100%" approxItemHeight="45px" bufferRatio=60>

But still very slow and eventually crashes again? where can I see any logging as its fine on PC, IOS is where I’m having issues.