Keyboard pushing header content on focus

I have this project on the screen dump were I am having issues when I focus on the input the, the header is automatically pushed and it will be hidden is there anything I can do to stop this weird behavior?
my project is based on ionic 4

Did you make your header fixed? It looks like it’s part of the content and gets pushed out of view, due to the fact, that the content is / was shrinked by the keyboard.

No… here is my code for the header

      <ion-buttons slot="start">
  <!-- header toolbar -->
      <ion-segment [(ngModel)]="segment" (ionChange)="updatePosts()">
        <ion-segment-button value="all">
        <ion-segment-button value="favorites">
      <ion-buttons slot="end">
        <ion-button (click)="presentFilter()">
          <ion-icon slot="icon-only" name="options"></ion-icon>
  <!-- end of main header toolbar -->

have some solved this pls?? I need help