Ionic focus on input, keyboard show up, will move header away

when input is more close to bottom, when click on input, keyboard show up, it will move whole view to top, try on a plain project, still have same issue

ionic version 3.19.0


been search all the possible answer online to solve the issue, but nothing i found it can be solve the issue.

  1. keyboard.disableScroll(false); been remove keyboard plugin, and reinstall, and add all the code to app.module, still have issue

when push content up is good, but keyboard push header away also, that cause big issue : (


set two input, one on header, another one on bottom of content,

when click input on header, keyboard show, header is not been push, everthing is good.

when scroll content to bottom, and click input, keyboard show, header been move away.

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problem temporary solve, using custom code

I have the exact same issue. How did you solve it any hint?


it been little bit long time, all i remember is add code to adjust the hight of header, so when keyboard show up, we add 304px hight to header, is keyboard hide, we remove the hight of header

I think this issue is by ionic tags like ion-grid that support auto resizing for responsive web: Probably the issue will be cleared when using custom div tag instead of ionic tags like ion-grid .