Keyboard obscuring modal content when keyboard open (Android)

I have a modal with form elements - an ion-checkbox list, a textarea, and a submit button. The contents of the form pretty much full the view on a standard mobile screen, but not enough to cause the view to scroll.

When tapping into the textarea in the modal, the keyboard opens.

On iOS the modal seems to resize to make room for the keyboard - the user can type a message in the textarea and tap the button to submit the form. This is the expected behaviour.

However, on Android the keyboard displays over the top of the modal content - the modal doesn’t resize, and you can’t scroll to view the modal content - there is no way to see the textarea let alone submit the form by tapping the button.

Is there a knack to using modals with keyboard on modal? For Android, do I need to write a my own method to listen for the keyboard and resize the modal when it opens/closes?


I have the same issue.
I got a modal, with a textarea in the bottom of it.
When the keyboard is open, the textarea is not visible, hidden by the keyboard.
Very annoying to type something whithout seeing it …