Keyboard hides / overlapps input fields in a modal

Hey there,

I am facing an issue while using the Keyboard on android or ios device.

There is an ionicmodal with 6 or more input fields and if someone tries to fill in the last ones, the Keyboard overlaps them.

I tried the following:




but nothing changed.

How can i handle that? I didnt find any solution on that elsewhere - so maybe some one ran into that before.

Thanks a lot.

I got the same issue. Is there any solution? Already tried the solution with android:windowSoftInputMode=“adjustResize” but it didn’t work. It seems that the modal moves up, but not far enough to show the input field that is focused.


Can anyone help on the issue? I have similar problem with ionic1. In android it works fine more, but with iOS, keypad hides the input text box.

Thank you in advance

I can confirm that this is still an issue in both Android and IOS. Is there any possible solution I am trying different keyboard plugins but on Android there is not much around as most of the plugins do nothing on Android and only make changes to IOS.

Thanks in advance if anyone can work it out.