Keyboard appearing causes noticable jump on Android+Crosswalk


I have a basic modal view with three inputs. When the modal view opens the first input is given focus by focusFirstInput: true. When the first field receives focus, the modal view seems to re-render which causes a noticeable jump. This occurs only on Android… iOS behaves perfectly. You can watch videos of the Android & iOS versions below.

I removed the focusFirstInput code but it doesn’t help. The modal view jumps every time the first input field receives focus. I’ve looked at ionic keyboard notes (… My app isn’t running in fullscreen and android:windowSoftInputMode is adjustResize. Any thoughts on how to fix?


iOS (perfect):


I created a clean project to attempt to isolate the issue. It seems that Crosswalk is the culprit. I’m not really sure what I can do to fix the issue aside from uninstalling Crosswalk which will cause other issues for me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Here are steps to reproduce the problem in 2 minutes without writing any code. Note that I was testing on a physical device running Android 4.2 and another device running 5.0.

ionic start keyboard-test
cd keyboard-test/
ionic platform add android
ionic run android -l -c -s

Tap on the text field. Notice that the keyboard appears cleanly (does not jump). Tap the Open Modal Form button. Notice that the modal appear cleanly. Quit testing.

ionic browser add crosswalk
ionic run android -l -c -s

Repeat your taps. Notice that it performs very poorly.


Looks like this is a pretty well-known issue: