Json with Share button


I have a Json link in which there is a link of the article from the official website.

What i’m trying to do :
{ In my app, there are a lot of articles, at the end there is a share button, when you click on the share button, it redirect you to the article from the official site. }

I’m new on ionic and i have no idea how to do this.


  SocialShare(b) {
      this.socialSharing.share("Look at this !", null, null, b).then(() => {
        console.log(b,"shareSheetShare: Success");
      }).catch(() => {
        console.error(b,"shareSheetShare: failed");

<button ion-button color=“Orange” name=“md-share” (click)=“SocialShare({{data.link}})”>Share

Thanks !

Change to:

<button ion-button color=“Orange” name=“md-share” (click)=“SocialShare(data.link)”>Share</button>
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---------------- Thanks it works !

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How we do that sir ?