Can i pass a html tag inside the social share function parameter

can i pass a html tag inside the social share function parameter
please give me some suggestion.

Use ionic official docs for this social share methods,parameter…

please give me a example of code .if possible


import { SocialSharing } from '@ionic-native/social-sharing';

constructor(private socialSharing: SocialSharing) {

this.socialSharing.share(message, subject, file, url).then(() => {

}).catch(() => {


url -->string

i want to pass html tag how can i do that?

@flycoders_sourav Actually whats the need of that,please let me know?

I’ve share a link to the video. just showing link. i want to do that share as a video frame

You can pass your link as url of string format as i explained above.
this.socialSharing.share(message, subject, file, url)
‘url’---->your link of type string
ex: this.socialSharing.share(message, subject, file, ‘’)

This is my code please check at once


		let video_link = item;
		this.shareVdioLink = video_link._meta_gallery_images;
        this.shareVdioLink +"\n"+
        "Share via"+" "+this.appUrl
    .then(() => {

    .catch(() => {


@flycoders_sourav you only want to share the video link?

I want to share play store app url and video link

@flycoders_sourav Video or appurl link should be string


let video_link = item;
          .then((res) => {
        .catch((error) => {

actually this my video link video_link._meta_gallery_images getting response from the wordpress