JS project to TS

Hello everyone. I accidently started off with the JS version of an Ionic project. However, now I would like to switch to typescript. I renamed the files and includes the config files from the typescript repo (https://github.com/driftyco/ionic2-app-base/tree/typescript). However when I execute ionic serve, it is still looking for app.js instead of ts. Is it possible to resolve this or do I need to create a new project with the ts flag and copy all my custom code into this new project?

Thank you in advance.

Did you swap the gulpfile.js? Try looking at how the buildBrowserify variable is initialized in it.

It seems that updating the package.json and the gulpfile.js mentioned in the following tutorial solved the problem: Ionic 2 Projects: updating to beta.4. Thanks for your helpful comment @rapropos