Jquery UI - draggable function

I’m trying to use draggable function from jquery ui library.


1- npm install jquery
2- npm install jquery-ui
3 - npm install @types/jqueryui


import $ from 'jquery';
//import "jqueryui"
//import "jquery-ui"

I’m using visual code, the editor says the the method exists



Hi there!

So we strongly suggest you dont include Jquery in your app, as it adds a lot of weight and can be verry slow.
Alternatively, you can use this third-party component which is better suited for Typescript/Angular apps

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Hey @mhartington !
I actually tried to use dragula but i couldn’t make it work with full calendar.
We are building a web system using ionic, not a app, I’m tryng to reproduce the following example:

So i really need to use Jquery Ui, it’s been a while i’m in this.

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