Using External JQuery Date Picker Plugin in Ionic 3

Hi guys,

I would like to use a cool external JQuery plugin for picking dates in my ionic 3 project. Check out the cool date picker plugin here

The details are provided on how to go about installing and using it. But with respect to installing using typescript, no information is give. I have read some useful posts online discussing various ways to install JQuery and Moment.js which are required files for the above mentioned date picker. Since I am relatively new to ionic and typescript, complicated explanations provided fly right above my head.

Therefore, I would greatly appreciate if someone familiar with using similar external js libraries could guide me step-by-step :slight_smile:

I’m currently using latest ionic version.

Following are the files required by the JQuery date picker:

  • Jquery
  • Moment.js
  • Calender.css
  • ES5.js or ES6.js

Don’t. It isn’t performant with Angular. If you want to use jQuery, wait until Ionic 4, and use it without Angular.

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I’m struggling to find any solid info on 4.0 release date. Happen to know when it’ll arrive?

I have no idea. And here’s hoping it will be framework-independent as advertised, or a lot of my posts will be wrong.

Thank you for your response @AaronSterling.

If not this plugin dependent on JQuery, then I believe pure JS library can be used? Like this one:

Can you please share with me the process of using pure JS external librariy in ionic 3?

Thank you

Eh. A handful of avatars holding a slight grudge over a handful of posts? Something tells me you’ll be a-ok either way.

Though, if you hear anything, overtly credible or not, let me know. I’ll do the same. I’m on hiatus from Ionic until 4.0, and Java is giving me a massive headache. Looking forward to ionic’s new release.