Using jquery-Draggable Function

Did anybody use the draggable function of jquery ?

I tried that, but i get an error: "__WEBPACK_IMPORTED … draggable is not a function "

Do i have to install a jquery-plugin for my ionic project ?

Have you looked at dragula?

Sure. You helped me with the setting. I use it now for some lists. But can i use dragula to move elements on the screen ?

obviously i first have to install jquery-ui

npm install jquery-ui --save

The jquery-ui directory has the desired javascript-File “Draggable”. Im just not sure yet how i can import it ?!? (With “import * as $ from ‘jquery’” i can import jquery). I already tried “”, “import jqueryui from ‘jquery-ui’” and “import * as $ from ‘jquery-ui’”.

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Did you find any thing?