Are Google and Apple planning to deprecate hybrid(Ionic) apps?

Hi guys!
Does anyone have any official information about future plans of Google and Apple to deprecate hybrid mobile apps or it’s just a rumours?

Some of our clients periodically give us some links like this

so they have some concern.

How can we prove to them that they have nothing to worry about the near future of the Ionic platform?
Appreciates any help (links, experience with clients or experience in official correspondence).

Hi @romanfront, this is a common concern but it’s unfounded.

From your links above, those restrictions explicitly are called out to be allowed for webview apps:

This restriction does not apply to code that runs in a virtual machine and has limited access to Android APIs (such as JavaScript in a webview or browser). "

For the Apple link, this is for apps that load external content. In a sense, those acting as a web browser to run dynamic content. For apps that are self-contained in their bundle (such as an Ionic/Capacitor app), those are allowed.

Ionic apps represent > 15% of all apps in the app stores, and some truly major apps, so if they decided to block this technology it would be a massive problem.