I've got lag in Ionic View, is it normal?


I’d like to know if it’s normal to have lag in Ionic View ?

To be more precise, the transition between page is too slow.

Do you have some advice to reduce lagging ?

Thanks !

@Julien_Lu Ionic serve and other options like run, are not super fast it’s a fact. But if you build and run with a device connected on USB, try running another ionic build “platform_name”. I just updated my Android SDK and all went slow to finally crash until i rereun it in CLI.

Thanks for the answer. I don’t have an android to test it so I tried in Android Studio but it lags a lot. It’s a simple with almost nothing. I don’t understand.

@Julien_Lu you can try to do this again, it should speed up considerably:

  1. ionic build android
  2. ionic run android -l -c

Normally it works quite well if you have a quite good smartphone connected in usb. If using a Xiaomi phone like me, you need to install the Xiaomi suite for pc before.

And Android Studio lags like tons from ionic it’s normal, it’s just not meant for that from my experience.


I send it to someone who has an android to test it. I hope the problem comes from the emulator, not my application :slight_smile:

On android studio, I’ve just drag and drop the .apk on the emulator, I thought it would work as a normal app ?

Here’s the .apk if someone can try : https://ufile.io/9on8h

Not it’s not you i’m sure, just tested it 6 hours ago in emulator, it lags like hell ^^ (and my pc is not too bad in cpu and ram)

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Ok, it gives me some hope !

but aside from that, use like i do
"ionic build android"
"ionic run android -l -c -s" if you need to have some debugging

And if it crashes with like : Camera timed out after 5 seconds, simply quit and relaunch ionic cli (i’m on windows).

Ok, thanks ! I tried with a build on Android and there’s no lag so it was just Ionic View and emulators. I don’t understand why the apk doesn’t work on emulators on Android Studio but I’m glad it works on a real machine.