iTMSTransporter update breaks Deploy to App Store deployment

Yesterday i uploaded successfully a build via Appflow but today deployment procedure fails.
From what i noticed in the successful deployment there is the message below:
“Your version of iTMSTransporter will be updated in approximately 1 days.”

And now in the failed deployments i see the below messages:

“Transporter transfer failed.
Cannot obtain the content provider public id. Please specify a provider short name using the -asc_provider option.”

As it seems iTMSTransporter update is the cause that deployments are failing. Is there something i can do to fix the issue?


The same issue for me. Yesterday worked well and today it’s not.

The same for me! This is a big deal!

Same for me. Did someone get any comment about this from the Appflow support team ?

Hi all, thanks for writing up this issue. The Appflow team is looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

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Update - we’ve identified the issue. Please edit the app store destination config to fill in the Team ID field. This field is no longer optional. We’ll update Appflow to reflect that shortly but in the meantime, setting that field should fix the issue.


Hi @netkow! Do you know if there is formal documentation about this?

This field is no longer optional.

We had the very same issue in our deployments and we’d like to be sure we know this kind of changes/updates before they start disrupting our build process.

Normally, changes like these would be communicated far in advance to give you time to make changes. This was a rare situation where Apple changed something on their end which in turn suddenly made the Team ID required.

So, we put out a notification within Appflow and on on October 20th as soon as we learned of the issue. The team is working on updating the edit Destination screen and documentation now.

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This has apparently broken the windows command line version of imtransporter too, but supplying the -asc_provider doesn’t fix it. The upload still fails, with a less informative “returned 1” message.