Appflow deploy

After a successful iOS build, set to deploy to app store I get the following lines in the log…

Going to upload updated app to App Store Connect
*This might take a few minutes. *
iTunes Transporter successfully finished its job

4 days later I cannot see a build in my apps app store connect page, either under apps or Testflight.

My app is called PVM in app store connect, appflow says it deployed to but neither show a build

I’m very confused at this point, please advise or is there a comprehensive, step by step upload/build/deploy/confirm for Appflow iOS, one without jumping to xcode… If I had a mac I wouldn’t need appflow because the xcode deploy seems more straightforward

Hi wjparker,

If you have not seen this already, I would recommend going through our appflow tutorial here: Exploring Appflow Tutorial - Ionic Documentation

Specifically, the Appstore deployment section here: Testing & QA - Ionic Documentation

If you are facing any further issues, I would encourage you to contact the Appflow support for further assistance.


Thanks for the reply.

I tried making a new build without automatic deploy to the App Store. The I made a new deploy, log showed a success to TestFlight…

I jumped across to the App Store Connect and under the TestFlight tab the build was shown as processing… BUT it disappeared!!!

After searching the Apple support forum I found this current listing

Apple forum item

It suggests issues with the *.info.plist, but my config.xml has the appropriate merge statements… but the most recent (3 months ago) suggests…

Most likely reason might be some deprecated framework that is used in the application.
Specially if it is UIWebView. Please update the deprecated with the new one.

How can I do this in in an Ionic 3 project???