AppFlow iOS builds have stopped working

My AppFLow iOS builds have suddenly stopped working. I’m building from the same commit that I used recently to successfully build and deploy to the App Stores. I’m panicking a bit because I need to get a build deployed. (I thought AppFlow would always give me the safety of being able to go back to a commit I had previously built with before and everything would still work?)

The build fails with:

❌  /Users/ionic/builds/xxx/xxx/ios/App/App/AppDelegate.swift:67:7: cannot find 'InstanceID' in scope

      InstanceID.instanceID().instanceID { (result, error) in

    The iOS deployment target 'IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET' is set to 8.0, but the range of supported deployment target versions is 9.0 to 14.1.99. (in target 'CordovaPluginsResources' from project 'Pods')
    AssetsLibrary is deprecated. Consider migrating to Photos instead. (in target 'CordovaPlugins' from project 'Pods')
    MobileCoreServices has been renamed. Use CoreServices instead. (in target 'CordovaPlugins' from project 'Pods')


Where do I need to make that change? I don’t have a config.xml file to change. I went into Xcode and found a deployment target value of 8.0 in CordovaPluginResources of the Pods part of my project and changed that to 11.0 but when I then run

ionic capacitor sync --prod

it reverts back to 8.0 so I cannot push any changes to AppFlow that might help with the build up there (btw building locally to my device everything works)

Any help and guidance much appreciated!

Raised a support ticket with Ionic and they sorted me out. It turned out I had to explicitly specify the version of Firebase/Messaging in my podfile:

target 'App' do
  # Add your Pods here
  pod 'Firebase/Messaging', '6.25.0'

Thanks, you saved the day.

The latest ‘7’ version worked well for me:

pod 'Firebase/Messaging', '7.11.0'