It isn't exactly clear from the documentation which Ionic Deploy API to use, and my build is failing on iOS

I am using cordova-plugin-ionic v2.0.4 (since it says my project cannot support 3.0.0).

With this version, am I supposed to still access deploy with
let deploy = (window).IonicCordova.deploy; ?

Or am I supposed to get pro from import { Pro, AppInfo, DeployInfo } from ‘@ionic-native/pro’;?

When I do this, I get an error from…) saying that () => ProDeploy does not have this method

With v2.0.4, I am still able to make deploy work by accessing it on window as described above. However, the Ionic Pro documentation makes it seem like this can be accessed from Pro (which in my experience it cannot). Can we clear this up?


So after struggling for a while, I was informed by support that @ionic-native/pro is deprecated, and that they will be taking down the documentation.

@ionic/pro and cordova-plugin-ionic are both still required though