Using @ionic/pro in version 4?

I’m trying to create a new Ionic 4 app, and when I include @ionic/pro and run Pro.init, I get several errors.

Is this still a valid package to use in v4?

The errors I get are:

GET http://localhost:8100/manifest.json 404 (Not Found)
Unable to parse manifest.json. Ensure the file is valid JSON
{status: 404}
Unhandled Promise rejection: {status: 404} ; Zone: ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: {status: 404} undefined
the cordova-plugin-ionic plugin is not installed. Install it for better device information for runtime errors.

Since ionic 4 is still in beta, Pro support isn’t 100% there yet. Once V4 is out and in final, Pro will support V4

Hi there - is there a workaround for this until Ionic V4 gets release? Thinking in terms of a way to exclude the manifest file in the app.routing.module?

Thanks in advance

Now that Ionic 4 has been released, how do we use Appflow?

I would like to know this too.

I got this answer elsewhere:

Hi - yes, the @Ionic/Pro library is still the correct one for Ionic Appflow. As you likely noticed, we rebranded but kept the same package name because it was the simplest, least disruptive option for Appflow users.

However, do NOT use the the init function anymore. It works fine without it.

You mention it works fine without it.

My app is updating correctly via appflow but I can not get the deploy API of @ionic/pro to work. It returns an exception ‘Cannot read property ‘_deployProxy’ of undefined’ when calling

            const info = await Pro.deploy.getCurrentVersion();

Has anyone used the Deploy interface in Ionic 4 ?

Of note, I’m running a free AppFlow account but can’t imagine that’s the issue as I imagine it would show a suitable error saying upgrade.

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@bandsee Did you manage to get this working?
I’m facing the same issue.

Yup. My issue was that I had leading zeros in my version number eg version=“0.0.020”

I ended upgrading to a paid plan which then gave me access to support which were very good at finding this out.

Other things they asked me to check before identifying this was checking that DisableDeploy was not enabled in settings or in the override in Appflow.

I had Appflow set to set DisableDeploy to false but also added to config.xml

Hope this helps.