Deploy API

Hi guys,

I’m new to Deploy and not sure how to get it up and running - I followed the quickstart installation guide. I’m using Ionic 3, and I don’t see any changes in my app.

From looking at this Deploy API page, I see that the quickstart guide doesn’t mention setting the update method to “none” (is this essential?) and include an import it into your code. Hence why it wasn’t doing diddly squat.

Ok, so I include this code into app.module.ts (I presume?)

import { Deploy } from 'cordova-plugin-ionic';

async changeToBetaChannel() {
  await Deploy.configure({channel: 'BETA'});

To which it says: “Cannot find module ‘cordova-plugin-ionic’”. I looked up the package and I ran “npm i cordova-plugin-ionic” to hopefully solve it, but it still can’t find cordova-plugin-ionic.

I feel like this is really simple and I’m missing something obvious, so before I waste another day trying to get it running…

A) Is there any other good guide? I think the quickstart isn’t detailed enough, and the Deploy API doesn’t elaborate enough.
B) Is there any difference between ionic deploy add or cordova plugin add? My variables were saved fine - but does anything else happen in the background?
C) What is the minimum code I need to listen for updates, and where do I put it - app.module.ts? app.component.ts? Its not very clear. I’m guessing the two bits of code mentioned above and this:

async configureDeploy() {
  const config = {
    'appId': 'YOUR_APP_ID',
    'channel': 'CHANNEL_NAME'
  await Deploy.configure(config);

Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the appflow dashboard I see I have 6/10000 Live updates used - so something must be working somewhere, but I don’t see any changes ¯_(ツ)_/¯