Issues with backgroundmode, foreground service, and navigationbar Cordova plugins

almost no cordova plugin seems to work , ive tried backgroundmode , foreground service , navigationbar plugin

why did you guys switch to capacitor if cordova is that much more capable ?

Hey there! Could you provide more information? What exactly doesn’t work in there? What code have you tried?

the basic usage from the docs … install via npm -> import -> run(specific) …

navigationbar plugin just whitescreens the app(in www and on android device) ,
forground service doesnt create a notification and neither any error log though, backgroundservice just doesnt seem to work ,the app reloads if i stress the phones ram enough (load many apps and go back to my ionic app ) it doesnt stay in ram

Do you have a sample project we can look at?
We need some sort of code sample to really understand the potential issue or any problems that could exist.