Build on iOS with capacitor (xCode) and plugin background-geolocation is not working. Error: redefinition of enumerator 'NotReachable'

I know this bug belongs to the cordova-plugin-background-geolocation, but I was wondering if someone here can help me.

I created an issue on github of the project:

In general the build on iOS with capacitor is not working.

i say it often, but i know people don’t want to hear: Sadly there is currently no free, working and maintained Plugin for Background Geolocation. But there is a paid one, which our team decided to buy and it works perfect. Check it out here:

As far as i know it works for capacitor too

Thanks for pointing out. In my opinion, if it is too buggy and poor supported, than it should be removed from the ionic page:

I’m new to ionic and capacitor. How should I know this kind of things?

I found this Plugin, after tested around 3 Plugins which doesn’t work. Because i work in a big company, i stopped searching for a free one then and we bought it.