Issue with ionic-side-menu and ignored edge-drag-threshold

Hi folks,

I wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this issue and whether they found a fix. I have been tracking which describes a fix for drag-content=“false” being ignored. My issue is similar, but relates to edge-drag-threshold:

The page transition is from a login state to tabs abstract state with side menu, defining edge-drag-threshold as Xpx is ignored; you can swipe from anywhere on the panel, which interferes with other components I have.

A codepen is below, if you ‘login’ you will notice that you can swipe the menu open from anywhere, not the configurable threshold (or the default 25px). Please let me know if I have missed something.

Many thanks for an awesome framework.

I have this issue too. Interestingly if you go to another page via the menu, then the edge-drag-threshold starts working.

It appears to be a regression in beta 14. If you change the link in the codepen to beta 13 then it works as expected.

I created this issue for it

@halfpt there’s a workaround in

Before navigating to the menu state you need to have
historyRoot: true