How do I use edge drag threshold?

I’ve tried edge-drag-threshold all over my side menu html, and the edgeDragThreshold method in my controller.

The closest I’ve come is disabling edge drag all together.

How am I supposed to use this?

What is the problem you’re running into? Are you not able to swipe your screen?

As the drag-threshold is meant to be, you specify either true or a pixel width. If you set it to true the default number of pixels used is 25. The drag threshold which you set (either 25 or a custom amount) is the amount of pixels that will trigger the drag from the edge of the screen. But I personally found out it only works on the left side of the screen. Therefore, if you are using a right side-menu, you must still scroll on the left side of the screen (swipe right-to-left in the farthest 25 pixels to the left of your screen).

For the settings of drag threshold refer to:
About the left side of the screen I personally experienced it, but I cannot support it with documentation. I would however love it if ionic would include right-side threshold for the right side-menu.

I can swipe from anywhere on the screen, I want to set a threshold. But my menu is on the right so that must be the issue.

When you put the drag threshold on the right menu, try setting it to a bit higher amount of pixels (try 75 pixels for example) and try swiping on the left side of the screen, on the first 75 pixels, from right to left (so from 75 pixels to 0 pixels). It’s a bit of a hassle to do this, and not very intuitive, but should work if you get the swipe right.

Anyone on ionic team that could clarify whether this was by design?

I looked into it, it seems it was indeed unintended behaviour. I created a pull request that fixes te problem on all devices I’ve tested.

@mhartington pull request #2134 should fix this issue


Good to hear, the devs will take care of all PRs that touch the framework code, to they will handle it

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