Issue with Ionic Deploy -- .check is not resolving


I’m facing an issue with $ionicDeploy.check() is not resolving. I am using a real device. I have wrapped it in $ionicPlatform.ready and had it inside of angular1 run block and no luck.

I did some digging into the file and it appears the issue that the check function in itself is waiting for the event of “deploy:ready” to do it’s thiing – this is not being called.

I can see that the initialization of the Deploy service itself is responsible for emitting this event but that listens for a “device:ready” event which is not being called! :slight_smile:

Does not execute –
this.emitter.once(‘device:ready’, function () {
if (_this._getPlugin()) {
_this.plugin.init(_this.config.get(‘app_id’), _this.config.getURL(‘api’));

I’ve updated all of my client libs, added and removed platforms and no luck. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


For anyone that has this issue, I was able to resolve it with the direction of a helpful suggestion on GitHub.