Ionic Deploy check update inconsistent

My name is Rotem and I am a web developer at a very large Israeli E-Commerce web site,
I am in the middle of integrating your Ionic Deploy platform in our Ionic phone gap based application,
I have encounter a very strange behavior in the process,
When I am under WIFI I am always getting from the promise of the A sync check method false without an error!

deploy.check().then(function (hasUpdate) {
  console.log('Ionic Deploy: Update available: ' + hasUpdate);
  $rootScope.hasUpdate = hasUpdate;
  return true;
}, function (err) {
  console.error('Ionic Deploy: Unable to check for updates', err);
  return false;

If my mobile is connected to the internet through data (3G) I am getting true.
I will very appreciates if you can check this paradigm for me.