Cloud deploy.check() not working

I just tried to implement cloud.deploy as it seem a very convenient feature to update a app to known audience.
I actually missed any information how to do an initial deployment so guess it has to be done through the playstore (talking about android).

I have deployed the app as debug apk through usb and implemented the code (for testing) directly in the app.ts after device is ready. It seems the check() function is not running. There is a newer version in “dev” and yes i have changed the deploy channel to “dev”. but the console.log statement is not fired and debugger (both on chrome device debug) is not stopping.
Please see the code snippet below:
// @@@@@@@@@@ Deploy features Test @@@@@@@@@@ = ‘dev’;
this.deploy.check().then((snapshotAvailable: boolean) => {
console.log("checked for update and availability = " + snapshotAvailable );
// When snapshotAvailable is true, you can apply the snapshot
var test = 1;

Running on beta11.

I am obviously doing something wrong. What can it be ???

Any help appreciated.
Thanks and greets from Manila