Issue: When deleted android platform then add it again


so Im using the new beta version and also updated my npm global ionic tools.

I add the android platform and for some reason deleted it.
When i attempted to add it again using the command line tool, its not adding a build path


which holds

Currently, I’m manually copy and pasting the org folder into the src directory.
This works but obviously is not a preferred solution

Is anyone having this issue?
If so, is there a solution of possible fix?


Same thing happens to me, I have also deleted and recreated the android platform.
I would be very interested in a fix.


Can you try just doing:

cordova platform add android

  1. ionic platform rm android
  2. ionic platform add android

Works for me :wink:


To me it says:
Platform “rm” not recognized as a core cordova platform. See “platform list”.

  1. ionic platform remove ios
  2. ionic platform add ios


Thanks @danicomas, removing and adding back helped remove that error.

  1. ionic platform rm ios

  2. ionic platform add ios

  3. ionic platform rm android

  4. ionic platform add android


For Solving the above error, first type this,

  1. ionic platform remove ios
  2. ionic platform add ios

This will help you!