Issue integrating Ionic Auth plugin with Azure AD B2C

we are facing issue connecting to Azure AD from Ionic Angular App using capacitor . we get “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘callback’ of undefined” error when a call is being made using Auth connect plugin Login API. since it is an enterprise plugin and we have no customization behind the Login API call, we are not sure what/where is the issue. Please provide your advise/suggestions if any.

thanks in advance…

Hi @Appdevloper1984, have you filed a support ticket? That is the best way to get help for our enterprise solutions, and we can dig into your setup to figure out where the issue might be!

Make sure to be logged in as a user in the org you need support for or use your work email if that’s possible. If not, let me know what email you used and I’ll make sure the team prioritizes it.

Hi Max ,thanks for the quick response, logged support ticket using

appreciate your support…