Login problem

Hi guys,
we are experiencing a stucking problem.
We are using Auth0, Capacitor and Ionic5 Angular.
In the Android app the post login callback doesn’t work.
We get this error:

D/Capacitor: Sending plugin error: {"save":false,"callbackId":"82790226","pluginId":"Browser","methodName":"close","success":false,"error":{"message":"not implemented","code":"UNIMPLEMENTED"}}
E/Capacitor/Console: File: http://localhost:8100/vendor.js - Line 43878 - Msg: Error: not implemented
E/Capacitor: JavaScript Error: {"type":"js.error","error":{"message":"Uncaught Error: not implemented","url":"http://localhost:8100/polyfills.js","line":2817,"col":29,"errorObject":"{\"code\":\"UNIMPLEMENTED\"}"}}
E/Capacitor/Console: File: http://localhost:8100/polyfills.js - Line 2817 - Msg: Uncaught Error: not implemented

It seems we have a problem with a plugin but we aren’t able to find it
Thanks in advance

Hi, we think we found the reason of the problem.
When you try to login the system redirect to browser (the capacitor browser). In Android, capacitor has a bug: browser cannot be closed.
We are trying to find a workaround but it’s very hard
Some reference:

As stated in that issue this is not something that Capacitor supports nor do we plan on supporting it since this is the way the Android/Google recommends for all apps.

If you cannot use the way we provide, you can use the cordova-plugin-inappbrowser package GitHub - apache/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser: Apache Cordova Plugin inappbrowser