Ionic Angular B2C Integration

Hi All,

I have been trying to implement authentication on an ionic capacitor app using the @azure/msal-angular library and the cordova in app browser.

The plan was to open up the B2C login screen with the in app browser and then redirect back to the mobile app after logging in and getting the token back on the url. See the below stackoverflow link I have followed.

I have got it working on the web but when I am on a mobile device, after logging into B2C and it tries to redirect, I get an “Web page not available error”. Does anyone how one can redirect from the cordova in app browser back to the mobile app and what url you would use to do so, or if its even possible. Any other solutions to an working B2C integration would also be appreciated, unfortunately do not have an enterprise license so Auth Connect is out of the question.

I have also tried using @byteowls/capacitor-oauth2 too but I had a similar issue with the redirects.