Issue deep linking to tabs

I am having an issue with “deep” linking to the state of the 2nd tab. I put together a codepen that recreates my app, clicking the “Tabs” link on the left menu shows the issue where it starts loading the first tab immediately after the 2nd tab loads so it looks like it is just navigating to the first tab instead of the 2nd like it is supposed too. Any ideas on why this is happening?


I’m experiencing the same issue. Very annoying for a tabbed app! I’m trying to send users to the 2nd or 3rd tab from a notification and it always takes me to the 1st tab.

Figured it out, it happens in tabs because the tabs emit an event on change that triggers the ionic view service to go back a state. Since my history service is also going back they double trigger, hence I land in the root tab. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with my history service, but I haven’t figured out how to customize the ionic one to properly track my app flow yet. I will post back if I find a better answer.