Is worth use Ionic 1 in 2k17?

Hello everyone, thats is a simple question.

I starting with Ionic in 2k16 but only now I’m developping a full app.
I’m using Ionic 1 because I have no knowledge with Angular 2 yet.
But I faced some problemns like a deprecated/abandoned documentation, guess that is why Ionic 2 is the top priority now for Ionic Company.

So, I wanna ask for you guys, is worth uses Ionic 1? Or better I do is study Ionic 2 and Angular 2 most fast as can?

Thanks all by your time :wink:

Now Ionic 2 is in stable and is a one of best frarework for develop hybrid app.

I think that is better if you study the full documentation of Ionic 2 and follow the tutorial of joshua monroy on youtube. were very important for me in my approach with Ionic 2

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Thank you, I’ll search for that tuto.

Invest in Ionic 2. Get a good book or video course on Angular to help migrate that learning. I am a bit partial to my book,, but Joshua’s stuff is also good.

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MHO if you are using Ionic Creator you should stick to Ionic1 until it gets support for Ionic2 code (supposed to be in the roadmap).
And in the meantime you should learn Angular and Ionic 2.